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Everyone has personal tastes when it comes to decorating. Fortunately, when it comes to updating your kitchen, there are thousands of different design ideas that you can go with. While some people may prefer a more modern approach, others look to recapture the classic kitchen feel of earlier days. Regardless of which you choose, all kitchen designs have their own unique charm and should reflect you and your family.

A Modern Look

Silver appliances along with stainless steel countertops are becoming a rapid trend in newer houses being built today. The look is chic and very modern and gives off a luxurious feel to what is traditionally not a very luxurious room. Light to dark brown cabinets are often used to compliment this particular look along with a darker hue for the walls.

The Country Feel

Many people harbor nostalgia for a country-style kitchen. This effect is created using lighter colored cabinets, thick oak surfaces for tables and kitchen islands and hues such as yellow or white for the walls. Often, countertops are tiled and reflect those that are used on the floor. The country kitchen design is light and airy and perfect for those who love spending a lot of time in this room.
A Little In Between

While some people may find the modern kitchen design idea to be a bit severe and the country one to be not reflective of themselves, it is possible to create your own look from a variety of different options. Modular Home Additions enables clients to get exactly what they want in a kitchen, in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Our contractors will work closely with you in order to determine exactly how your want your new kitchen to look.
We specialize in installing new kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring and all other aspects of your new kitchen including windows and doors. In addition, you never have to worry about sourcing out more contractors for electrical and plumbing work because we take care of that as well.
Clients can choose from a large selection of cabinets and tiles in order to get the kitchen they have always dreamed of. Many aim for a classic look that defines them exactly. Our professional design team will help you come up with a well-put together look that is comfortable and perfectly suited to your needs. Modular also specializes in completely redesigning the original floor plan of your kitchen in order to maximize space and can even help expand square footage with an addition.
Whether you are looking to redesign or completely renovate your kitchen, call Modular Home Additions at 416-759-4663 and let us give you the kitchen of your 
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